Have had 4 young pullets die... CRD? Coccidiosis? Avian Pox?

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    May 9, 2016
    I have 5 "old" hens 2-4 years old. We moved to a new town which allows for more chickens so we decided to get a few more. Built a new coop with two separate coops/runs so we didn't have to deal with casualties from introducing new ones to the big girl flock. I raised the chicks indoors and moved them outside when fully feathered. After a week or two I noticed the "big girl flock" was coughing, sneezing, and snickering - no watery eyes, lethargy, or any other symptoms. After reading online I figured it was probably CRD and started a 14 day treatment with terramycin. Symptoms lessened but I still have two that are coughing occasionally even after the treatment. The CRD symptoms never showed up in the young ones. The "little girl flock" was outdoors for 2-3 weeks when the causalities started. One of my 4 month old easter eggers got lethargic and died within the day even though we pulled her out to keep an eye on her. She appeared perfectly healthy, was eating and drinking up to the day she died but was always small compared to the others so we wrote it off. The next day one of the 1 month old wellsummers got lethargic and was puffed up in a ball of feathers. There was bloody poop in the coop as well. After looking online I thought it might be coccidiosis so I went and started them on corrid within the hour. I put the young ones on the corrid and left the big ones on the terramycin since most posts said not to mix medications. I pulled the sickly wellsummer out to give her special attention. She was drinking the medicated water, eating yogurt, and soft food. Was seeming to make a recovery (tried hopping up to roost on the edge of the tub several times). Then died 36 hours later. A few days later I found my 1 month old buff dead (no puffed up or lethargy that we saw) after a day or two of treatment on the corrid. Then things slowed down and I thought we had things handled. Right at the 4 day mark of corrid treatment (I was told at my feed store to do 5 days on then 5 days off then 5 days on), my 3 month old buff got bubbly, swollen, watery eyes. I thought it was a symptom of the CRD since they weren't on treatment anymore for the corrid so I waited for the 5 day mark and switched them back to the terramycin as soon as the corrid treatment was done. It didn't get better and I noticed brown spots/scabs on her eyelids, beak, comb, and leg. After research I believe it is avian pox which from what I understand calls for treatment for secondary infection with terramycin. I decided to let things ride since they were already being treated with it and started putting neosporin on the scabby areas twice a day. One eye swelled up so bad she couldn't open it anymore but she managed to get around with the flock and was eating and drinking. She was scratching the scabs on her eyes bloody and I was worried she would loose it so we made make shift chicken booties with old socks so her claws couldn't cut her up. It worked well and they seem to be healing up mostly although she still has bubbly watery eyes. Two other ones started getting the scabs near the eyes but not nearly as bad, still had full use of eyes and weren't scratching them. I put neosporin on those as well. My 4 remaining girls seemed to be doing fine finally. The two with scabs didnt seem to be getting any more/worse and the one that had scratched herself really bad was improving (was starting to open her bad eye). I woke up this morning and found one of the two that had scabs but wasn't bad dead. She seemed perfectly fine yesterday and went up to roost with the others last night no problem. Besides the one scab on her lid she exhibited no other symptoms. None of the "big girls" have died. I have raised chickens for ~4 years now and have NEVER had a problem with ANY of them before. I'm certainly no expert and I do take good care of my girls but also cant justify taking them to the vet. I'm worried not only that the rest will die but that even if they do, that when I go to get a new flock they will be exposed to whatever is happening and the saga will start over. I'm am so frustrated and overwhelmed at this point with CRD, coccidiosis, avian pox... If it even is any of that. Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on? Suggestions?
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    I am sorry to make a comment without any other solution, but it seems like you have tried everything I would try. Sorry this is happening to your flock :( It's always hard to go through this when we tried and have done everything we could. :hugs I wish I had some answers for you.

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