have heard chirping in egg or over 24hrs no hole


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
Hi I am new here and new at incubating as well, I have read a lot of posts here and read a lot elsewhere. I am concerned about my little egg that is due as it has been chirping for over 24 hrs and still no hole. Is there anything I can do as I am concerned t may not be strong enough or something would hate for it to die because I didn't do anything. I have humidity 55- 60 and temp around 38. I have read that after the chirp it is up to 24 hrs and they would make a hole but this is not happening. It doesn't seem to be moving as much now either.
Ok so after no quick reply and reading through other posts on here I candled seen beak and made hole and it looks and seems as though I was too late in helping as I think it died but am hoping it just sleep but there are no signs and beak not moving as I made hole a little bigger... I am thinking he must run out of air not sure.
No unfortunately it didn't. I had another one since and it was great for 2 days and I don't know why but found him dead this morning. He was in a brooder with lamp had water he was chirping a lot before was thinking could it have died from being lonely? I have several more about to hatch one has made a peep hole and the incubator is at 37 degrees c, and humidity at 65 I believe this is right from what I have read on here. The chick who died was not in incubator as when he dried up I moved him to brooder as he was knocking eggs around in incubator. I hope that the next ones survive cant believe how upset it makes me when they die.
I give all may hatchlings a sip of yolk water. it helps them be strong. and I give babies a mirror or stuffed animal if they are lonely.
don't feel bad if you heard peeping and didn't do anything- peeping in egg doesn't mean they are ready to hatch. peeping means they have entered their air cell and can breathe that air. they are talking about it. it is another 24 hrs till they poke hole then they like to rest for another 24 before busting out the shell. if you help them at any stage before they have zipped the yolk sack will not have been absorbed. if they hatch too soon they can starve because of the yolk sack, or they can bleed to death or get cold from loss of blood. I try only to help if they zipped but had not been able to kick off shell.

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