Have Heirloom Vegetable Seeds to trade Missouri

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    Mar 27, 2008
    These are the seeds i didnt want when i ordered ((1,200 Heirloom Vegetable Herb Fruit Garden Seeds!!))

    Asparagus Mary Washington 10 seeds
    Beans, Pole Florida Speckled Lima 10 seeds
    Beans, Bush Dixie Speckled Lima 5 seeds
    Beet Detroit Dark Red 30 seeds
    Mustard Greens Red Giant 20 seeds
    Mustard Greens Tendergreen 20 seeds
    Okra Clemson Spineless 10 seeds
    Pea Black Eye Cowpea 5 seeds
    Radish Black Spanish 20 seeds
    Radish Champion 20 seeds
    Radish Daikon 20 seeds
    Radish Early Scarlet Globe 20 seeds
    Radish White Icicle 20 seeds
    Radish Crimson Giant 20 seeds
    Rhubarb 10 seeds
    Turnip Golden Ball 20 seeds
    Turnip Purple Top 20 seeds
    Heirlooms seeds i want....

    Fruit seeds
    melon seeds (that i dont have)
    sun flower seeds
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