Have I gone to the dark side?

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    Apr 20, 2007
    My poultry club had our big show over the weekend, and what a show it was! It wasn't huge, a good medium sized show (456 birds), but the quality of birds was outstanding!

    Well, as typically happens at this show I sell a few birds, and try very had not to buy any birds. Well, I stink at the second part! Last year I brought home a pair of Black East Indie ducks. I've always loved the East Indies and I have three now after picking up another one about a month ago. Sooo...fast forward to this year. The show is wrapping up and I've been very good and only sold birds. I'm chatting away to a friend and fellow exhibitor while taking some pictures of the grand champion pigeon. It's a pretty little oriental frill. I commented on how pretty she was, but that my favorite was the bronze archangel. Well, no sooner was it out of my mouth than he said he had a pair I could have since he was getting out of showing them.

    Sooo....my resolve crumbled and I now have a beautiful pair of Archangel pigeons with maybe another on the way. I've seen pictures of these birds on the web, but the pics don't do them justice.

    Has anyone ever raised pigeons and chickens? Will they get along with each other? As a chicken lover have I gone to the dark side? *lol*

    Urban Coyote

    P.S: Ok, I have to brag a tiny bit. My rosecomb pullet took reserve grand champion in show! WooHoo!
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    Dec 12, 2007
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    Good for you on that win, Urban Coyote!

    Well, I can't say that I show anything and since I no longer have Roller pigeons - can't even show a picture of them getting along with the chickens. But, they each had their space and didn't encroach on the other. I have a friend who once had a ton of pigeons and a few chickens (& a few Golden Pheasants). Everybody did fine living a very large coop, it seemed to me.

    Now having said that and allowing my biases to show just a little, I think some of the fancy pigeon breeds get too busy strutting around and making little nincompoops out of themselves. I don't think archangels could be included in this cockamamie bunch. These other birds are likely to get beat up by the chickens just 'cause they are so darn silly.

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    Feb 13, 2008
    I used to raise the Old Fashioned Oriental Frill (spot tailed variety) and they were housed with some of my bantams. you need high roosts for them, thier feed needs to be where the chickens cant get at it and they need a fine grit. But yes, it can be done. Welcome to the dark side....... [​IMG] LOL
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    Apr 25, 2007
    NE. IN
    I have helmits and bantam wyandottes and brahma's in same 8' X 8'. they get to free range in day.

    Will have to kill stray cat that is now picking off my pigeons. hate it when people drop cats off thinking because we have cats and live in country, they'll be fine. This last drop off will cost me $100+ to neuter/vacinate, etc.....plus loss of pigeons.

    I'm sorry, I digress, will do fine as long as hens can't get to pigeons nests as they might eat young. If young go on floor rooster will try to mate w/them.

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