Have I killed my beloved geese? And/or how to clean their crops - is there a way?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by StarKees, Nov 8, 2016.

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    Sep 26, 2015
    We started out with 7 geese and 15 ducks and innumerable chickens. I fell madly in love with our geese and adored the ducks. Aside from the fact that ducks poop at least once within 5 minutes and geese poop twice within 2 milliseconds, they are wonderful pets if for no other reason they make you laugh. The gang of ducks waddle around and allow the geese to be lord and master of their domain; but each goose had a separate personality ... some were smarter than others and "Baby Huey" was as dumb as a post and was very proud to be the stupidest kid in class.

    I am now down to one (1) goose and the death of each one of them has not been fun for me. I thought that 3 of them might have been poisoned - we do have fire ants all over our 5 acres but both my husband and helpful next door neighbor SWEAR they hadn't used poison anywhere. Having two of them die in my arms made me such a wreck that I thought I might need to check into a psychiatric ward. One of them probably died of a snake bite?

    Many years ago, I recall something on TV or a book or whatever that said "Do NOT feed ducks (presumably geese?) bread when you're near the pond in the park."

    OMG! I'd gather my little herd of poultry around me as I treated them with Cheerios ... of course not the flavored kind. Just plain Cheerios. They'd eat out of my hand and even learned to have manners as the next creature got their share. I'd toss the Cheerios out to the ducks and they'd scramble for them. I did this quite often when they were babies to "tame" them. And then, about once every two weeks as "CHEERIOS" time was allotted to them as a special bonding treat.

    Did I kill my own pets? Going through your excellent website it suddenly dawned on me that at least two of them might have had an impacted crop. The guilt!! Is there any way to massage the crop area OR make them regurgitate OR whatever?

    Needless to say, if Cheerios is the culprit I'll just have to find something else to tame the baby geese we plan to get. But I'd still like to know how to unplug a crop if that's what actually killed them.

    A very sad Grandmother Goose [​IMG]

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    [​IMG]Sorry to hear this. Did only your geese die off, or all other ducks and chickens as well? I don't think the cheerios Did them in. I don;t have geese so not sure. Reason not to feed white bread to birds, chickens,and others is of the poor nutrition it provides.(that is my understanding of :'"avoid white bread") I could be wrong. I do give my chickens small quantities of bread, but only what we have left over. Also they do have plenty of their feed available. None have died as a result of bread. Cheerios are oats, and that is a good nutritional grain. Lets see what others that keep geese have to add.
  3. I am not replying to make you feel bad.......Bread is awful for Birds.....It does impact crops and has zero nutritional value........

    Sorry for your loss.....

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    Herbicides and poisons are can bee deadly for birds.... that said.... I use fireant powder not the bait and on rare occasion use a sprayer and spray into the hole to kill a nest. That is all I do .... no baits.(Amdro) anywhere near my ducks and geese. Sudden death of that many doesn't sound like a fluke. (I have had 5 die suddenly out of 35 maybe).
    Geese are pretty healthy. But they can choke to death. They can beat each other to death or at least cripple (had that happen twice, I think they injure the spinal cord). Two were very young and during a severe drought and I think they had botulism. Both went floppy and died in 24 hours. One I think actually got run over by hubby in truck. One of mine died suddenly today (think it was a choke or he ate something bad; again severe drought, but no other symptoms). Cheerios won't hurt them as a treat. Some feeds have distillery grains, which are bad for waterfowl. There are other things like West Nile Virus, Bird flu's (many kinds), fowl cholera, etc. Only way to know is to do an autopsy or send one off to your states ag. dept. (usually they will do for free)...

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    Sep 26, 2015
    Well I have not mentioned a certain bobcat that hits and runs with a duck and may have glommed onto one of my geese. I also noticed mushrooms sprouting up here and there ... but none of them seem to be toadstools. And two might have been bitten by a snake: Just the last three had the same symptoms and died within 24 hours.

    The poor little female goose is honking and SO sad. She hangs out with the ducks and sees to it that those left "go to bed" in an enclosed pen. Three that are all gone were Toulouse and the other four are tufted buffs.

    I've got to figure out what was doing them in because I want to replace them. But do I dare?

    The Murderer.


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