have new plymouth rock


10 Years
Jun 5, 2009
beaufort, sc
I Just got a new plymouth rock today and s/he has a few raw spots on head where the other chicks has been picking him what can i do for him. Very new to all of this.
Is this bird with other birds? did you get them at the same time? what are the ages of them? if you had just put this one in with others you should separate. It should be in quarantine for at least 30days and them place them in sight of each other so they can get used to each other but not hurt each other.
For the spots, if they're bloody, use Neosporin ointment after you just clean them a bit.

They'll always fight a bit when you add new birds. However I have to agree that next time it would be best to quarantine them. (See the MG post above).
I put them in with my other flock and they are ok with them, its one of three that is pecking at him. thanks for the advise.

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