Have new pullet they bought at Dells as Silver Wyandotte but solid blu

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  1. I just bought a new pullet yesterday which the previous owners said they bought from Dells as a Silver Wyandotte? or possibly a Silver Laced. Her body type looks to be an Orpington and her color is solid blue. I would tend to think she was a misidentified Blue Orpington but she has a rose comb. She does not have the beard or muff as an Ameracauna would have. I don't have any pics but is there a blue chicken other than the Ameraucana that has a rose comb?
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    I think that there are blue Wyandottes. [​IMG] Pictures would really help, though!
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    What color are her legs? Dell's wouldn't have any Blue Orps, but maybe some kind of banty? How old is she supposed to be and do you think she could possibly be a bantam?
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    There are blue wyandottes. I used to raise them and they look somewhat like blue orps except for the combs and the wyandottes have yellow skin while the orps have white.
  5. Ya, sorry about pics. havn't taken any yet but if I did I'm not sure I could figure out how to post them. Her legs are dark grey. Has a short back, fluffy butt but not a Cochin. She is around 5 months old. I looked up Silver Wyandotte to see if they existed and couldn't find anything, only the laced. I'll try a Blue Wyandotte.
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    I would really like to see a photo of her. thanks
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    Here's a picture of one of my girls that I had.
  8. Quote:Oh, I just looked them up. There they are. That must be what she is. The leg color is probably a result of her being hatchery stock?
  9. Quote:She looks just like that!
  10. Does the Blue Wyandotte work the same as the other Blues? with Blue/Black/Splash?

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