Have pasture, goats and chickens no pond...

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by CAjerseychick, Mar 6, 2014.

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    Jun 25, 2012
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    any advice? thinking that the 3 rubber bowls (the big black Ag ones that hold about 10 gallons each) will be enough, although it does get into the 100s for a few months a year-- we have some willows for cover and a seasonal stream (full up now, but will be dry by June or so)....

    Am alittle worried about supplemental feed as the chicken feeder is hidden inside the coop, I will pen the ducklings seperate for a while, but work out of town 3 days a week so not sure how to feed them while gone - I cant leave feed out with the goats around- can figure that out later, but any tips on pasture raising ducks would be Great!
    (these are Black swedish ducklings- 5 - we got at TSC- and we have about 2 acres for them to range in)...
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    I would want someone minding them while I was away, that's my way of doing it.

    Ten gallons seems fine - the black in the sun in summer maybe not so much.

    Shade is definitely important, and cover to run under in case of hawks.
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    Can you set up something so the chickens and ducks can eat without the goats getting into it?
    I don't have goats, but 2 dogs that LOVE chick/duck food. What used to be my old greyhound's "dog yard" is now the duck/chicken dog free spot. The only place besides being closed into their houses that they can be without dogs in the way. It's just a wood fenced area that they ducks can squeeze under the fence rails or between and the chickens can go between (or over as one does).

    I'd look into a smaller fenced area for them for your days away.

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