Have to leave the flock for November and December

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    Hi folks, As Santa I will have to leave my small flock as I will be blessing children out of state this year. My wife is not a chicken person although she loves to let them out of the coop in the morning. She has not gained the title of a chicken person if you know what I mean. My question to you is what feed should I purchase for my wife to feed my girls while I am gone? I pamper them however they won't be getting the treats while I'm away. Should I just provide a laying mash? Gonna be a long two months for me. Please help.
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    They don't NEED treats. If they're all laying, I'd get layer pellets. Less waste.
    I might even get a bigger feeder or make a bulk feeder so she only has to fill it every few days.
    If they're not all laying, get an all flock or grower feed and have oyster shell available all the time in a separate container.
    Fresh water will be key so unless you have an automatic water system she'll have to disinfect the fount at least once a week.

    By eliminating the treats, you may be pleasantly surprised how nice they look come New Years.

    I feel your pain though. I don't think I could rely on my wife that long.
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    x2 on everything @ChickenCanoe said (except the hightlighted bit, [​IMG]).

    We had to go out of town for 3 weeks in January and our chickens were taken care of by a couple that knows chickens. No treats for our girls while we were gone, they got their layer feed and clean water, with extra large feeders and waterers to get them throughout the day. They did fine.

    The girls were very glad to see us when we came back though. They know we pamper them with supervised free range time and a little bit of extra stuff from the goodie stash.

    Your flock should be fine. It may help your wife feel more comfortable with the chickens if she has a close-by back up person for some extra help. And if she'll follow you around for several days before you leave, she'll get familiar with your routine. Notes are good too.

    Good luck!
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    Have great holiday Santa. Have fun with the children [​IMG]

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