Have to sell everything in Ma

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by poultrykeeper08, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. poultrykeeper08

    poultrykeeper08 Songster

    Feb 12, 2008
    Agawam , Ma
    I just got a letter that i need to get rid of all my birds in 14 days
    so i am forced to sell most of my birds

    I have a quad of bantam white leghorns
    a pair of spangled OEGB
    6 non bearded silkie hens (2 partridge,blue and white )
    1 bantam partridge cochin
    non bearded white silkie chicks
    spangled OEGB chicks
    polish silkie cross chicks
    silver duckwing OEGB hen
    blue splash OEGB hen
    black OEGB hen
    12 pigeons (variouse breeds ) 3 males the rest are females
    Make an offer -take all or take a pair
    feel free to ask any questions you have
    No shipping
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  2. tx_dane_mom

    tx_dane_mom Songster

    Sep 23, 2007
    SE Texas
    OMG why did this happen?
  3. poultrykeeper08

    poultrykeeper08 Songster

    Feb 12, 2008
    Agawam , Ma
    becasue when we moved here 7 years ago we were zoned residential /agricultural but 2 years ago the rezoned us stricktly residential . They made me get rid of all my birds once but i got them back and now the same nieghbor complained for no reason . There is no smell no noiese . She is just miserable !
  4. ibpboo

    ibpboo Where Chickens Ride Horses

    Jul 9, 2007
    always changing
    Send a letter back stating your chickens are grandfathered in!!
  5. Guitartists

    Guitartists Resistance is futile

    Mar 21, 2008
    Oh no!!! I can't imagine they can take them away if you had them prior to the zoning.... do what ibpboo said! We had a family right in town that had chickens, goats, cows etc. When I asked how they could, they explained it was because it had been a farm before the town grew up around it and since they had ALWAYS kept the farm animals there, they were grandfathered in to have them even though they were against ordinances!

    Good luck! Sending you energy and blessings!!!!
  6. Green Hill Farm

    Green Hill Farm In the Brooder

    Mar 7, 2008
    How far are you from Worcester? Beth
  7. Sharisr32

    Sharisr32 Egg Killer ;)

    Jan 14, 2007
    OH/PA Boarder
    yea you should be grandfathered in and if not Request Reasonable time !!!!!

    explain eggbid value Are you a little radical -just a little down deep ?

    Sue them in small claims court for the market value of the birds and the action which did not represent you - um mass has a history with legislation without rep !
    that action cause is negligence
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  8. RioLindoAz

    RioLindoAz Sleeping

    Jul 8, 2007
    Yuma, Arizona
    I thought you were a poultry keeper!!! By the way, what breeds of pigeon do you have?
  9. chickenman7

    chickenman7 Songster

    Sep 11, 2007
    wish i could have a pigeon im in texas [​IMG]
  10. ChickNLittle

    ChickNLittle Songster

    Mar 22, 2008
    Folkston, Georgia
    I would love to get all your silkie chicks, but....I am in Georgia. However, You need to fight that, because you ARE grandfathered in, whether your neighbor likes the chickens or not. Don't give up !

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