Have to share my Hubby's "Blonde" moment, LOL.

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    So today I recieved 25 Button Quail eggs from Mrs. AK-Bird-Brain (which by the way were packed perfectly!). But anyway, my husband comes over, looks at them and says "Wow those are tiny, but still to think thay came out of something this small " (as he holds up his thumb). And I just look at him with this confused look on my face, he say's "Yeah I read that they are the size of your thumb, from the tip to the first knuckle", and I just burst out laughing, and explain to him that that is when they hatch, and that I would guess full grown they are probably about the size of our cockatiel. I can't believe he thought these eggs came from a quail as big as a bumble bee, the eggs themselves are the size of a bee, and the look on his cute little face was priceless! Man I love that Man! [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] hahahahahahahaha that is a golden moment i tell you!
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