Have you become a "Chick Whisperer" yet?? hehe...

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    Apr 11, 2008
    I have gone to my local feed store so many times this season purchasing ducks and chicks and bringing back pictures of their progress to show them off to the store employees, that they are now calling me the "Chick Whisperer". [​IMG] Just yesterday I brought home a 2 week old Barred Rock pullet that was left over from a customer special order, and the employees were so tickled at how she w as "so comfortable" when I was holding her that they were saying I have the "magic touch". [​IMG]

    Personally, I think it's all in the way you treat the baby chick that determines how they will respond to you.

    I also brought in photos of my 6+week old White Chinese goslings who are HUGE for their age last week to show the employees. My 2 geese were the last two goslings in the store at the time and were inseparable and terrified of people. The employess had really fallen for them because of how pitiful they were and would not sell them separately...so naturally I purchased them over a month or so ago. I've been updating on their "taming" progress throughout the entire time, and the employees were thrilled when I brought in pictures of the goslings cuddling up againt me sitting on the floor. I was telling them about how you can pick up and snuggle my ducks too, and how they love to nibble my hair when I pet them. Apparrently, they had never heard of someone taming their ducks that way!

    I just think it's interesting(I certainly take it as a compliment!) how people are so frequently surprised at how tame my birds are. I just genuinely think that if you take the time to understand the animal and work with it accordingly and respectfully, anyone can have the same results. It just seems like, unfortunately, poultry are kind of dismissed as trainable and affectionate pets. A major part of my passion for working with animals is learning the interactive, learning, and behavioural potential of animals that are frequently overlooked. To me, poultry are wonderful subjects because if you treat them as such, they ARE intelligent, affectionate pets...some even easily reaching the "companion" level. I guess I just feel that everyone has a "Chicken Whisperer" inside of them, and it's people like us who love our birds that are able to realize it. [​IMG]
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