Have you crossed these breeds... if so any pics


Apr 14, 2020
We have a Buff Brahma Bantam Rooster and are going to try to hatch eggs from these hens... Has anyone crossed these breeds and have pictures ?? Im learning about sex link breeds but still confused and learning.

Columbian Wyandotte
Blue Partridge Rock
Partridge Rock
Naked Neck- Black, light light red with bow ties
Buff Brahma
Rhode Island Red
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May 21, 2017
Columbian wyandotte x - buff columbian hens, silver/gold split columbian roosters (silver with yellowish tinge)
Have a high chance of having walnut combs.

Blue partridge rock x - I’ve never heard of a blue partridge rock before, can you post a picture?

Partridge rock x - hens that are buff columbian with some partridge patterning, roosters that are buff columbian with black leakage on their chests or black with extra red leakage on their hackles and chest

Black naked neck x - solid black or black with red leakage
All or half of them will have naked necks.

Red naked neck x - varying shades of gold/red/buff columbian
All or half will have naked necks.

Rhode Island Red x - varying shades of gold/red/buff columbian

Additional information- all or half of the chicks (except for those from the wyandotte) will have pea combs, like the Brahma.
The offspring will mostly have lightly feathered legs.
Buff columbian is the same coloration as a buff Brahma, silver columbian is the same color as a columbian wyandotte, and red columbian is the same color as a RIR.

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