Have you ever cried over one of your chickens? I did today!


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Jun 26, 2008
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My Coop
I was upset and cried for awhile. I raised her from a baby! She was young! I was working out the yard when I heard this frantic flapping noise coming from the coop. I went over and saw Dotty on her back on the ground looking like she was gasping for air. I took her out of the coop and placed her right side up on the grass and she was fine for a second and then started it again. This time she closed her eyes and her legs stretched out and became stiff. She took her last breath and she was gone. I was so confused as to what could have caused this. She has been fine and healthy all along even laying eggs! Could I have saved her in anyway? So sad!

Here's Dotty .....

I am so sorry for your sudden loss. What a shock it must've been. Could it have been something she ate, poisonous perhaps? Maybe a heart attack?

Yes I have cried too. I feel what you are feeling. I'm sending big hugs to you too. Take care.


Let me be the first man on this board to come forward and say yes, I have.

If you don't feel any emoition at the loss of something you have loved then you're just dead. Hollow.

Sorry for your loss.
Some people raise chickens just for the meat and eggs. Although we eat our eggs our chickens are our pets. Once they have a name it hurts when something happens. They are like our kids and we do whatever we can to protect them. Sometimes there just isn't anything you can do. So sorry.
I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my Tinker the day before my wedding, May 14th.
The way you describe Dotty dying is very much like how Tinker died. My DH has many, many years experience with chickens and he is certain that Tinker had a heart attack. Sounds like that may be the case with your Dotty.
Again, my sympathies.
oh no! thats awful - sorry

and yes of course i've cried over my hens. even some that i'm not that attached too... they are good workers ....and some of them are good friends. i have a gal thats about at her end and she still snuggles me and wants me to pick her up. ugh! when she goes it will be hard.

so sorry for your little friend and yes go ahead and cry. anyone who says 'its just a chicken' doesnt understand - but we do!

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