Have you ever had a chick that was sooo snuggly?


8 Years
Feb 16, 2011
New Jersey
This just came to me! 2 years ago I hatched silkies. 3 out of 12 hatched. Not that good. I named them Infray, Spike, and Cheader. Infray was my baby. (of course i still took good care of the rest but they didnt get as much attention) By this time the chicks were 2 months old. I was out gardeneing, and I was very tired. So, I went inside and took a nap. I guess it was a 20 minute nap. When i woke up I went to the brooder to see how my babies were doing. Then i noticed Infray was gone. I froze. Then all of a sudden I hear peep peep PEEEEEPP. It sounded like it was right next to my ear! So i turned around very slowly so this way I wouldnt startle anyone. No infray behind me! Peep Peep PEEEEEEEEEEEEP! I hear it in the same ear. As i go back to the brooder to check on them something moved on my shoulder. Next thing i know there was a Infray on my shoulder. I was EGGstatic. I guess he hopped out of his brooder and wanted to snuggle with my on my shoulder!! It was soo cuteeee!!! Then I had to make the brooder bigger so this would not happen again because I have 2 cats and they love to catch birds

Tell me a cute/funny story that has happened to you and your chicks!!!!!!!


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Aug 28, 2009
When I had chicks there was one in particular that really liked to snuggle! Her name was Gretta... She was supposed to be my sisters chicken but as soon as she got to the "ugly" stage, My sis thought she was gross!
I just laughed and said "All the more chicks to myself!" LOL... But yes, she would sit on our shoulder, under our hair for snuggle time... We just always waited for her to do her business right before we picked her up! We had to put her down last summer because she was an internal layer (and by we, I mean my Dad)


10 Years
Jun 28, 2009
Western New York
Mine is not a chick anymore, but one of my bantams hops up onto my shoulder every morning when I'm crouching down to put their greens in the coop. I give her a ride over to the other door and feed her from the "extra" stash of greens, then she snuggles there while I do the rest of the chicken chores. It's become our morning ritual. She hardly ever poops on my shoulder.

She's also been known to shove the other chickens off my lap so she can get the prime spot near my hand.


9 Years
Jul 10, 2010
That is too cute. I wish my ladies would jump up on me. They like being picked up but never initiate it.

My cats and my chickens get along better than my cats get along with each other. I love watching them interact in the yard and don't even get nervous now when they bump into each other. Baby chicks might be a different story though.

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