Have you ever had a pullet lay a one-fer

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    We hatched an olive-eggers egg in the spring with an unknown roo - both blue egg layer and brown were possibilities. Nov 1st we were egg-cited to find a spearmint colored egg in the nest so we were sure our mystery chicken was laying. Our other birds have never laid an egg this color. (see pic for comparison)That has been the only egg to show up!

    Never had a pullet that went into lay for one egg and then stop - is it possible? [​IMG]
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    I've had a week or more go between the first egg and the next egg. Every pullet is an individual and their bodies mature in different ways. It's all part of their body adjusting to laying.
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    We've had substantial gaps too, but it is going on 7 weeks since the egg. I wondered if it was possible that her hormones got geared up only to be shut down by the shorter days. Our pullets typically lay at least once a week through the first winter once they get going.
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    Hmmmm...hard to say...may be that only time will tell.

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