Have you ever hatched muscovy eggs under a chicken?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by PunkinPeep, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. PunkinPeep

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    Mar 31, 2009
    SouthEast Texas
    I have located someone who will share her muscovy egg with me, and i DO have an incubator, but i would rather hatch them under a broody hen if possible so that they will become part of the flock more quickly.

    Have you done it?

  2. ejctm

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    Apr 25, 2009
    I have hatched runner ducks under my broody chicken and she is the best duck mum ever! chicken eggs only take 21 days to hatch and mallard-derived ducks (except calls I believe) take average of 28 days. My chicken coped fine with the extra burden. Since muscovies take 35 days, it might be a huge extra effort for the chicken, but so long as you ensure she gets enough food and water, she may just cope fine. I made sure my hen got off the nest twice a day for exercise and refreshment so her condition did not deteriorate too much, and gave her lots of high calorie treats like dried mealworms. she did lose a bit of weight though and I am still feeding her up now and they are a few weeks old. she also went straight into a moult afterwards. I say give it a try with a trusted broody and just give her extra TLC and treats all the way through. If she is a good mum she will keep sitting until they hatch.

    Perhaps someone else will chip in some advice who has successfully hatched muscovies under a chicken. I hope so.

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