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    You those inserts that you put into your coffee mug and plug into the cigarette lighter and it keep your morning coffee warm? Well, my grandmother was telling DH and I that they used to make them for chicken waterers to keep them from freezing. She said that the feed stores used to carry them when she used to raise chickens. Has anyone heard of these? Are they still being made? If so, any idea where to get them? Our feed stores have nothing for heating the water. DH is getting tired of his morning ritual of removing the ice and poorly a tea kettle full of boiling water into the waterer to bring the water temp up. We have searched on here for heating ideas, but we are having difficulty finding a good option for their outside water (since most heating elements are rated for indoor use).

    I would like to note that we live in the high desert of So. California...our night time temps in the winter range from the high teens up to freezing and our day time temps range from the 30s-60s. Most of the time it is freezing at night, but bone dry and windy. While we do get snow here, it is very short lived and not often (couple times a winter on average and usually nothing significant). If we are getting rain, then the temps likely won't be below freezing and we can unplug the heating element and bring it inside, if necessary.

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    I think I have seen AC ones- a spiral, thick wire gizmo? I bet you could find them online as water or coffee heaters. Only thing is that they don't have thermostats- you have to sit with them and turn off/unplug when they get to boiling point. Never seen a DC one, but they must be out there.

    What about the aluminum pie pan/light bulb idea? I've seen it here somewhere.
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    I'd google it if I were you.

    There are lots of folks on here that put electric heaters underneath their waterers.

    Glad I never have to worry about that.
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    I googled and all if see are actual Mugs, I know they used to sell the element that get put into the cup. I drive truck, and remember them, but dont know if they are still sold.

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    Ranchhand, are you referring to the cookie tin water heater? DH was planning on making one of those based on some threads he saw on here, but we figured we check into the insert idea first. Yea, I think it is a metal coil, but not 100% positive. A temp gauge would be nice, but we could always plug it into a thermocube, if necessary.

    Mahonri, we looked into the heaters that go underneath, but we couldn't find one that was rated for outdoor use. [​IMG]
  6. Look for bird bath heaters. My mother had a few and they worked just fine.

    To really do it right, you need to get the double walled galvanized 2 gallon waterers and use a commercial, yes commercial base heater and those run about 45 bucks.

    Spend the money, you will not be disappointed and you can use these over and over and over.

    Little Giant has a decent base heater and Rural King carries a great one.
  7. Quote:We use heated dishes in all our pens for the winter. We have a few coops that we break the ice out of each day and refill. Ice is easy to get out of dishes at your temps- try below 10 below zero.

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