Have You Hugged Your Kiwi Today?

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  1. Have you hugged your kiwi today?

    Hey, guys. This is interesting. Got a great book at the Goodwill: Buller’s Birds of New Zealand, a large and truly lush quality coffee-table book. I wanted to get an illustration of a kiwi.

    It’s cool! The notes say, ‘There are three sub-species of kiwi, brown (mantelli), south island (australis), amd stewart island (lawryi).’

    There is also a lesser spotted and a greater spotted – apteryx haasti (So how many sub-speicies?)

    It notes deaths of some kiwis on the roads at night -- hmm . . . nocturnal movement? Gotta read the whole article again.

    The illustration is a weensey bit amazing. I wonder if I can get a scan of it?

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  2. Actually theres a LOT of debates on how many subspecies there are, but they have decided on 3 for sure. But a lot of people debate theres something like 6.
  3. Hi, C.B.Lover,

    I look forward to learning about this. During a recent conversation with an Australian academic (involved in a project about emus), he explained that some authorities have abandoned the notion of sub-species, and use 'taxa' ?????

    Has any BYC person ever bred kiwis? Does anyone have any?

    It's sorta, for me, a way of understanding emus better -- that's why I recommend the cassowary doco to emu lovers.

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  4. I don't know if you can legally own a kiwi

    Barred Rock Kiwi!! [​IMG][​IMG] OK actually a Great Spotted or Rora Kiwi the largest breed, but funner to call them barred rock kiwis :p
  5. Gee. C.B.L., that answer hadn't occurred to me; and it's funny, then, that a similar thought came to me this morning: there is a dwarf cassowary; but it's only native to New Guinea. Casuarius has explained the intransigence of national governments about exporting rare animals, etc., and I thought to myself that there's probably no international dwarf-cassowary breeding-programme because you can't legally own a dwarf cassowary.

    I see no vestigial wing in the photo -- ????

    and they are nocturnal!!

    Great photo. Thank you.

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  6. chickenzoo

    chickenzoo Emu Hugger

    Awwww, I always wanted a Kiwi.........

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