Have you read The Crucible?

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    I have a class project, make a secret diary on a character, must have a reflective, narrative, persuasive, and descriptive essay from your characters point of view, and 2 more of any type from your characters point of view. For reflective I made up Mary Warrens first day at the proctors. Narrative was after the baby was born a day in church, persuasive was that Mary didn't attack Abigail Williams and the others in the court in the form of a yellow bird, and then I described John from her point of view. I need 2 more diary entries. I don't want okay obvious, we're allowed to make up stuff that wasn't in the book like how I did Mary's first day and after the baby was born and John was dead. I just drew a blank. I was thinking all day but have nothing [​IMG]

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