Have you used Poultry Protector for pests?

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  1. Princessferf

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    Nov 30, 2007
    I've been reading about a product called Poultry Protector that can be used on birds or in their coops to control/remove pests. Has anyone tried this product before? If so, is it effective?

    This seems like a less-toxic alternative.
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  2. silkiechicken

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    Never heard of it. What are it's active ingredients?
  3. TreyClark281

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    Apr 9, 2007
    around Katy, Tx
    McMurray has it and it looks good to me, it says all natural products.
  4. Princessferf

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    Nov 30, 2007
    I got this from their website: www.carefreeenzymes.com

    Poultry Protector
    Environmentally Safe for all Birds
    Chemical Free
    Guaranteed to Make Birds Happier

    Increases Egg Production
    Increases Body Weight

    Studies show that when fleas, mites and lice are no longer present on and around birds, they become less stressful and aggressive, allowing them to do what they do best; Increase egg production and Gain body weight. The elimination of parasites and insects will help to also decrease mortality rates in young birds.

    Ammonia is an "IMMUNO-SUPRESSANT" damaging the "Air Sacs" shutting down the immune system in birds, leaving them defenseless to respiratory diseases. Ammonia produces high stress levels and increases mortality rates.
    Ammonia control produced by "Poultry Protector" eliminates its harmful effects on the birds and improving air quality in the poultry house resulting in less electrical use in running fans.
    A gallon (128 ounces) of mixed product will cover a thousand square feet of surface. Best results: Apply twice per week during grow out (1-4 weeks), once per week (5-6 weeks)
    Enzymes are the "take charge" catalysts, part of a group of organic proteins known as amino acids. Enzymes digest vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc. by breaking them apart individually. Great product for cleaning away adult flies in and around bird droppings.

    Control on Birds Dilution Control on Bedding Dilution Control on Land Dilution
    Heavy infestation 1:25 Heavy infestation 1:50 Heavy infestation 1:25
    Mild infestation 1:50 Mild infestation 1:75 Mild infestation 1:50
    Light infestation 1:75 Light infestation 1:100 Light infestation 1:75

    IPS-CareFree Enzymes are a uniquely formulated product that acts quickly and remains effective for long periods on unpleasant odors such as urine and fecal matter. The molecular deodorants attack the malodors at the source.

    Odor Control Dilution
    Severe Odor 1:20
    Average Odor 1:100
    Light Odor 1:200

    One (1) gallon of mixture should cover 500 square feet or more.
  5. opalwednesday

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    Apr 10, 2011
    The ammonia control aspect is pretty interesting. I just used the spray on my birds who have mites and it killed them on contact. Amazing, no need for a respirator, no poison in the eggs.

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