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    I haven't ever used it but it sounds good to me. I don't like to use a lot of chemicals (Which this Nesting Box Blend says it's not but is Organic) . I was told by a friend of mine to use wood ash to get rid of lice, mites etc. So I put it in their dusting spots. I use NeemOil on their roost. D. E. is Diatomaceous Earth. It's also good to use, it's organic, (use a mask don't breath it). They have medical DE for human consumption. I use it in my garden and on my shrubs. http://npic.orst.edu/factsheets/degen.html. This link may help.
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    Snake Oil...lol...doesn't list the ingredients.

    What it really is..... is something they can get chicken owners to buy.

    Probably a bunch of plant matter that is purported to preform the miracles they list, with no proof.
    'Natural' remedies are all based on some truths, but are often untested quantitatively and thus unproven and can cause problems. They usually do little or nothing but can be toxic in ways....like DE can ruin your, and your chooks, lungs.

    Sorry for being snarky, but I just hate vague and dishonest marketing.
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    • WoofMeowCluck :
      Said he has used the Nesting Box Blends in the chicken coop, he says it has a wonderful smell but very expensive to use for two coops! You might try asking him.

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