Have you witnessed a paranormal occurence??

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    Sep 10, 2007
    When I was 4 years old my Mom had this dreadful reoccuring premonition that a kid in the neighborhood was going to get run over very soon. My dad was about to leave on a long company trip and she was very distraught about this and asked him to give each of us a blessing before he left. We're LDS so he gave us each Priesthood blessings and after that the dread she was feeling lifted and my Dad left on his trip.

    A few days later I was playing with my little brother Mark on our "Big Wheels." Mom was watching us but she stepped in the house for a moment to change a load of laundry. A man was backing out of the driveway at our neighbors house and asked us to move. I grabbed my Big Wheel and said to my brother, "come on Marky" and went to the curb. I turned around just in time to see the back tire of the truck finish rolling over my brothers shoulder. He lay there motionless for what seemed like a long time. Then - just like a baloon filling up - he took a huge breath and screamed so loud that people came out of their houses all up our street. I fainted, and when I woke back up I saw ambulances going up the hill.

    The doctors couldn't find a scratch on him. His jacket had the tire mark going right over his chest and up over his shoulder, and the man who ran over him was almost in worse shape than my Mom. She was consoling HIM because he was so distraught. The doctors released him from the hospital the next day. He celebrated his 2 year birthday that same week. I believe parents receive inspiration concerning their kids if they're living right.
  2. RyanandMeri I agree. I remember my cousin and I begging our grandmother for one - and she bought it for us. We'd play with it and nothing ever really happened. But now that I'm older and wiser just the word send shivers up my spine. I think as kids we were either lucky or had some great unseen spirits keeping us from harm. I also don't like tarot cards. To me there is inviting spirits and then there is 'inviting spirits'.

    I have a friend who is a psychic. She is also a healer. Once while working on my knee (when she touches it, I can feel muscles ripple), she said "You're going to think this sounds crazy but does the word Barkley mean anything to you?" It did - my mother's last name when she died was Barkley. A little later, she asked if I knew someone named Harry. "Sort of" I answered. She said that he kept showing her horses, so I'd know it was him. I told her that I had never actually met him so I wouldn't know anything such as his likes, interests, etc. So she said "Ok Harry, give me something so that she'll know it is you." After sitting with her eyes closed, she said two words - Alice and Hennepin. Freaky.

    I'm adopted. Harry was the name of my birthfather and Alice was the name of his wife. Shortly after I was born, my birthmother moved to Hennepin Co., MN.

    Since then, when we visit, thoughts like these pop in and out. Sometimes they mean something, other times they don't. Many times, even those that don't - eventually click. One night, while watching movies, she kept asking me if I knew a Ben or Benjamin, how about Walter or a Sam? If she just hadn't started with Ben/Benjamin it would have clicked. I immediately zoned in on an ancestor named Benjamin but neither Sam or Walter went with him. So I told her I had no idea. Then on my way home, not even a block from her house, it clicked. My birth family seems to pop in more than my adoptive family but I don't always think of them first. My grandparents, and her son - Walter, Bennie and Sam. Separately, it would just be a coincidence but all three names together...

    Using Jan's natural gift is different than going to the cards and board - that is something I'll never do again. I agree - it is inviting trouble.
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    Jun 1, 2007
    Talking about animal souls...I had a chow/newfie mix that I loved so much. I'd always felt a certain bond with her and never forgot her. It's been almost 15 years since she passed on and I still have my favorite picture of her(and that pic still looks like I took it just yesterday!) on my mantle. Well, about four years after she passed, I moved to Vegas and had a complusion to visit the local animal shelter. I wasn't in the market for another pet, but I felt I HAD to go. Well, I was headed to the dog area and I poop you not, I made a beeline to a Rottweiler towards the back and I was struck with the notion that it was my Missy(chow/newfie) reincarnated. He had the same body language, did the same things that Missy did(he curled his toes inward when he jumped up on the cage door, just like Missy used to) and his eyes were so deep and emotional just like that old chow mix(it's making me teary eyed just telling the story again!). That Rottweiler, Basil, I named him, I'm convinced is the incarnation of Missy. He was the most gentle, loving dog and when he looked at you it was like he was just in love with you(like Missy used to), that's how much he loved!

    I lost him prematurely about 7 years ago and have had three vivid dreams about him, the last one was right after my daughter was born. In that dream, Basil "talked" to me about how he was ready to come back to me and I was crying telling him now was not the time as I had my hands full with two little babies and a household of other dogs and cats and a husband with an aversion to more animals! It broke my heart to tell him that because I absolutely believe that animals have souls and they can come back to you. Someday, Basil will return to me or I'll go to him, whichever comes first!

    I have a similar cat story. I believe that you have animal soul mates, so to speak. I've had many animals in my life and I only feel that special bond with Missy/Basil and my cat Bubba.

    Here's a scan of Missy and Basil...

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    Well, I for one love this thread. Not what I would expect in a chicken forum but, it's REAL cool!

    Another thing that happened: My nephew died of a heroin overdose 8 years ago. The day after, I found out, and I cried myself to sleep. I didn't even make the bed (it was a futon that was set up as couch most of the time and when I was ready for bed--I'd extend) and slept on my side facing the wall. The next thing I know, I felt this bright light behind me. I figured (incoherently) "maybe the fridge door opened" or "I left the light on in the kitchen." So, I turned over to get up and take care of whatever it was....

    In the middle of my room was my nephew, sitting but there was no chair...it was like he was sitting on air and had this very bright light on or around him. (It is hard to describe...it emanated FROM him - sort of.)

    I don't know if I was asleep but it felt like I was WIDE awake at that point. I blurted out "what are you doing here?" and he said he wanted to just say good bye and to tell me he was OK. However, his mouth didn't move, I remember thinking, "you are DEAD dude!" and then we talked for a bit...don't remember what all we said but we were laughing.

    After a while (a few minutes that seemed like hours) he said, "I need to go now..." and I cried out, "Don't! There is still much I need to tell you..." but he slowly started to dissipate (or the light did and he sort of faded as he spoke to me)

    I said, "I miss you!" (which was odd since he had JUST died) and he said, "I know...but, you'll be ok!" and he was gone.

    I woke up, my face scrunched up like I was crying and wet with tears. My pillow was WET. I remember sitting up and thinking..."what the...?" and went back to sleep. I hadn't had a dream like that before OR since.

    Incidentally, in the dream he looked healthy. While he was using he had deteriorated so bad and his skin had a weird look to it...in the the vision/dream, he looked clean!

    (He, my brother and I were raised like brother's...since he was the same age as my brother--2 years less than I. We were raised together from the time we were toddlers.)

    Thanks for sharing...I have enjoyed everyone's entry. Goes to show...there is much unexplained and may never be...

    Pedro ~c:->
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  5. About two/three years ago as I was washing dinner dishes, I felt a quick breeze go from my left to my right in my very skinny kitchen. I turned to my right to see who went past me, but I didn't see anyone, so I went all around the apartment calling out all of my childrens names. Now mind you, both my front/back doors were closed, no windows were opened, neither the heat,nor air was on, and I realized I was home alone. I just knew I had been visited by 'someone'. I had an Aunt, an Uncle, and my FIL that died within a few months of each other around that time, and both my Daddy and Mamma had been dead for years.

    Once, when I was a teen living at home, I was taking a nap in my bedroom, my door was open, and I felt someone kiss me on my lips. I had never been kissed before, and I jerked awake, and I yelled at my sister to stop playing games, only to hear her yell from down in our basement. We were the only ones home at the time!

    My children and I would see shadows moving upstairs in several of the places we lived at in Norfolk, VA. they'd be too afraid to go upstairs and I would have to go first and they'd follow me up.

    We lived in one apartment in Norfolk,VA, and my (ex)Husband and I would hear children running around upstairs when our children were taking naps or would be gone. There were no other children present in the building during our short term stay there. Once, when the children were taking naps, and we heard the pitterpatter, he tried quietly to catch our children up and playing around when they were supposed to be napping, he came back downstairs and told me all of our children were sound asleep!
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    I have not but my DH did when he was in the USCG stationed at Base Fort Macon here in NC. He would have to tell it but the ghost roams Fort Macon and is that of someone that was supposedly shot with a cannon. He is not the only USCG to see this being.
  7. wow, this is turning into a great read!!
    My partner told me to print these out so he can sit back and read them,
    I think its really nice for us to be able to share these experience with others who have seen something weird or had a beautiful spiritual experience, without the threat of being called silly.
    Peace be with you all
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    Sep 6, 2007
    Corydon, Indiana
    I had a JRT who was my special dog in life, a frizzly long legged (naughty) girl. At the age of 6 she got kidney failure and died. I cried for a year. I would wake up at night and cry.
    Anyway, I kept seeing her dart around in the house. I didn't say anything cause I thought it was my imagination. My daughter came home from Germany, and one day she says to me "Mom, I see Clementine all the time." I had never mentioned it to her!
    We moved into a new home in Florida 2 years ago, in a kindof redneck area, (no offense), and for a year I would see a white hooded figure dart by, Hmmm. I guess he figured my DH was an alright guy and stopped appearing.
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    May 2, 2007
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    The place we live in now I've had several things happen to me. One I was in the bathroom and was brushing my teeth when I felt something brush my leg. I looked down and nothing was there but I could still feel it. Like if a cat rubs on your legs. Then I've been in the living room and seen a shadow of a man on the wall in the hallway. It scared me at first because I was the only one home so I got up and thought my hubby had come home early. So I called out his name no answer walked down the hallway to the bedroom and looked no one was there. Now a old family friend who lived with us on our farm died a couple years ago. My daughter swears he is there with us in the house. I took a picture of her playing in the hallway in front of his room. And if you look above her head and to the right you'll see what looks like orbs. She believes it's Roger and wants me to send it to Ghoster Hunter's on the Sci-Fi channel.

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    I want to go to Loretta Lynn's Hurricanne Mills Plantation house and see if I can see the ghosts that haunt her house. My DH has promised me and the girl that we are going to go.

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