haven't seen babies since yesterday


13 Years
Apr 20, 2007
Benton Twp., Michigan
I put chicks under one of my hens Tues. night. Weds. morning, I moved them all down to a brooder on the floor (mama included).

I haven't actually seen the chicks since yesterday; I don't think mama is eating all that chick starter, but it's kind of creepy not to see/hear anything. Should I look under her and make sure all is well? Mama puffs up and does those little cluck-cluck-clucks like she's got little ones, but I am concerned.

I forgot ... mama pooped in the brooder (an old dog kennel). I tried to let her out early today, but she didn't want to go. In the evening, there was an enormous splotz. I cleaned it out, but is that normal? I don't recall her doing that last spring.
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