Having a veggie garden and raising chickens....those who do, give me you best ideas as to get them t

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    I am planning my spring/summer garden...and this year, I have my girls.....who LOVE to be in the yard.......those who have gardens and chickens, how do you manage? Do they not eat everything in the garden? :) Just looking for ideas...and dh is already 'whining' for lack of a better word, when I suggested putting up a fence to keep them out....rofl...don't want to do all this work and they eat it all before we can! :) Thanks for any and all advice..... :)

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    They can do a lot of damage in a garden, so it's best to fence it off if you don't want your hard work to be ruined. Plow your garden and let them into the plowed area to pick up any grubs, beetles and worms they can consume. Then fence them out so you can plant your seeds and bedding plants. You can do this cheaply with push in stakes and deer netting and usually they will not breach that fence. Allow the fencing to drape a little outward at the bottom so they can not worm their way under it and then pull it tight to the stakes so there is no slack in the bottom of the fence.

    Then, in the evenings right before roosting time you can let them into the garden, after all the plants are grown enough to not be vulnerable, and let them glean any bugs they can find and monitor their being there. If they start to destroy lettuces or scratch up bean vines at the root, shew them out and send them to bed.
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    I use that green garden plastic wire. It has its garden poles and I roll and unroll it as growing season ends and begins. The chickens stay out of the garden, as they love to eat ripe fruits. They can tear at roots and peck at delicate leaves.

    After growing I let them have at it. I try to turn the soil though and keep them about about 1 month before planting.
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    A fence or far enough away from the coop that they don't wander that far is the only way to keep them out.

    Last year as I was just prepping the layout (I do a waffle garden), I turned around to admire my work and my 2 helpers had completely destroyed my hard work. They are great at going through the dirt clumps after you turn the garden and breaking things up and cleaning up the bugs but after that, they've got to stay out. You don't need a formal fence. Some t-posts and a 4' wire fence is all I need to keep them out. I don't even do the back side.
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    Fencing. Chicken? Deer? Take your pick. All critters great and small.
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    Similar thoughts to the others. I like to let them enjoy the garden before and after.

    They can wreck a garden in short order. Particularly shallow rooted plants.
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    Looks good Fred.

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    Wow! Lush gardens there, Fred! [​IMG]
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    I want to grow "waffles"!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] ...and syrup. Gotta have syrup.

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