Having trouble sexing our new little duckling


8 Years
May 29, 2011
Hey guys!
We were "duck virgins" until today. My husband and I each picked out a duck. We are having trouble sexing his. We're pretty sure it's a Rouen, and are hoping it's a Male, but it's hard to tell. We tried vent sexing him/her, but didn't have a lot of success. It won't let me post a pic because I'm new from what I can tell. Is there a way that I can get a pic to you guys?
The link is broken but if they are babies then there really is no way to tell other than vent sexing. In my experience they look alike until they get their adult feathers.
It's usually a wait and see unless you vent sex, and even that if you aren't experienced isn't accurate. About 3-4 weeks you should be able to tell by the noise they make. Enjoy your ducks.

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