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Jul 27, 2019
Mississippi Gulf Coast
I got lucky today. I had my three week old chicks in a pin while I'm working on the coop. I had the top covered all week but the wire I'm covering with has been going on the coop as i move a long. I only had one corner cover with the wire that goes on the door i have not built yet. The hawk lit on top of the pole looking in. One of the barred rocks let out warning and i yelled and scared it off. I put the girls up and will get some netting to cover the top of the pin. I put the pin under a tree and had the top covered until today. The coop will be finished in a few days and then I'll work on the run. The chicks have a few more weeks in the dog kennel before they can stay outside.
I like the pin I'm using but it has to have a top!


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I have lost a couple of birds to hawks in the past. My hubby was cutting some wood on his table saw that was next to a temporary pen I have for the chicks. A hawk swooped down and grabbed a chick. It happened so fast. From then on I have covered the pens when I have chicks in them. This is my temporary pen in a different spot. I have wire over the top of the melon box.
that was a lucky save, anytime I have baby chicks out they have to be covered, we have hawks and one time even an Eagle would perch on the corral gate watching the flock and for us to make a mistake. He finally gave up was a beautiful bird but no way in hell was letting our guard down with a flock of swede ducks with ducklings and the chickens, there is nothing you can do but our flock protectors were good too, the drake and main flock rooster actually took on a hawk that thought about trying but they would have been no match for an eagle. then hens and the secondary rooster circled the ducklings and moved them towards safety,

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