Hawk attack on flock today

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    Aug 25, 2010
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    So, I was inside working on making lunch for everyone. Hubby was outside with little man doing some chores. Hubby comes in to tell me he thinks crows have been attacking our flock - they're swooping and cawing like crazy and one hen has blood on her wing. I asked him if he was sure it was the crows and not a hawk. He said he only saw the crows....

    Went outside to see for myself. Hubby followed. Crows are, indeed, swooping and cawing like crazy and most all of our flock hiding under trees and bushes. Looked across the field... there's a brown and white bird out in the middle of it. Doesn't quite look like one of my hens and definitely not one of my roosters, but I can't tell for sure as it's too far away. So start heading out there.

    It's a hawk!!!! [​IMG]

    Suspected since it was on the ground, it had one of my birds. Started running - hawk flew off with a screech with a bunch of crows hot on it's tail feathers!

    Yep. It killed one of my pullets hatched out in late August. Poor baby wasn't dead when I got to it tho', but it died in my hands. [​IMG] My other (6) babies had apparently made a beeline for the run when the attack came. They were all safe... Hubby went and buried the poor little one we'd just lost...

    I had a few of my flock make it into the coop for protection... the rest were under trees and bushes... I started clapping my hands and yelling for them to come to me - most all tentatively stepped out, looked around quickly, and then made a beeline right for me! I hustled them into the chicken run... went looking for stragglers... found them, finally convinced them to come out and also go to the run. They're all locked up safe and sound now, chattering away to one another. (You know what they're saying, right???)

    Looked for the bird hubby first referred to when he came in. It was one of our favorites (Snow Leopard) and she does have blood on her wing, but to be honest, I couldn't tell if it was from the hawk or maybe that the rooster had mounted her and/or if during this tryst the attack freaked the rooster out so bad that he drew blood himself or if the hawk had actually gotten ahold of her... Looks to me like the rooster did it since it's right in the general saddle area. At any rate, the blood had already clotted on her, so no major emergency to worry about. Just cleaned her up and put tea tree oil on the wound.

    All the while this is all going on, we can hear the hawk screaming. It'd get closer and scream... move away... scream some more... Pretty sure it was angry it'd lost it's meal and it was telling me it'd be back!! So guess my girls will be staying in for awhile. [​IMG]
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    Awe I hate to hear that!! [​IMG]
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    Apr 19, 2010
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    So sorry to hear about your pullet. [​IMG] Doggone hawks - so beautiful but deadly. I heard the crows raising a ruckus in the firs surrounding my back yard this morning and I always pay attention to them. They are a very effective alarm. Sure enough when I ran out to the deck, a hawk took off from the trees with the crows on it's tail. I couldn't take any chances. I took treats out to the yard and called the girls into their covered run and locked them in for the rest of the day.
    As sad as it is, I'm glad you saved your poor pullet from being lunch and were able to give her a proper burial.
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    I had my first kill by a hawk. I think it heard the peeping from my 11 week old pullet. I cried my eyes out. I think my crows were all sitting on eggs. Now they're around again. They steal eggs from me, but it's worth it to guard my chickens.
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    Jun 15, 2010
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    I had a young red tail take two of my chickens this fall and a few days ago a falcon got one of my bantam cochins. I was out in my garden digging worms for the ducks when it happened. They must be migrating along the river we live on.
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    So sorry for your loss - what a horrible thing to happen. Hawks seem to be very active now, with some of their usual prey getting scarcer they are looking for an easy meal (i.e. chickens, what my husband calls "take out"). I have one hanging out around us now, and even found him sitting on my (covered) chicken run one day. Won't be letting mine out for awhile, just moving their pens to some fresh ground.
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    Dec 11, 2010
    I am so sorry for your loss. I hope the hen that was hurt gets better soon. Crows are so awesome about hawks. They hate them. I have started feeding them to keep them around. Good guardians against hawks. [​IMG] to you and your family. Hawks are migrating right now. So they are worse than ever around here in Ga.
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    Must be awful for you to have hawks after your flock.
    Ive seen falcons & hawks in Australia, usually high in the sky hovering, watching prey. I have put up high fences & covered with shade cloth.
    I live minutes from the beach so there are pelicans & seagulls about. I dont know if seagulls try to get pullets or chicks??
    Foxes are around here & of course stray or neighbourhood dogs are part of Australia's preditors. [​IMG] My backyard has no access to it except
    through the house (townhouse) so Im lucky. Next door has a new kitten which has been sitting at the top floor window sill eyeing off my
    flock. I have a silky Roo called Rocky so darn cute. When the girls get older I'll post some pics for ID. They are bantam sized, but not sure of
    their breed. The brown one is Pumpkin, two black ones called Sweet-Pea & Daisy, which we've raised from 3 day old chicks & do everything
    together. [​IMG]
    They follow our pomeranian around the run fence.....funny to watch...I think the top chook, Sweet-Pea would give him a run for his money as
    she often challenges the poor old fluffeh roo.
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    Apr 26, 2009
    Darn hawks!
  10. leochickenmama

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    Jun 1, 2011
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    So sorry! I can't stand them either, even though they're beautiful. I've lost 6 or 7 to them this year alone [​IMG]; just lost a Leghorn to a Cooper's on Friday.

    My roo calls them when one is around. They'll either huddle underneath my huge holly bush (if they're free-ranging) or go hide in the coop, squawking away until they peek out to make sure the idiot's gone.

    I hope this jerk was migrating and won't be back. One can only dream.

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