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Mar 18, 2008
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My Coop
I was outside today at the chicken pen and I saw a hawk fly into a huge oak tree behind the pen. As I watched it for a minute or two I noticed a mocking birds doing kamikaze...but not making any progress. Not 3 seconds later Mr Squirrel come along to do battle..needless to say Mr. Squirrel has got some big brass ***'s and chased off the hawk
I wished I had caught that on video.
To see that squirrel run across the branch to get to that hawk was amazing.. I am going to make some squirrel feeders tomorrow.
I'm amazed at how some animals, who normally would be eaten by a hawk, will fight back. There was a family of killdeer in one area and mom and dad were doing distraction displays even when I was well out of the area. Well, the dad went and ran ahead in this one area, doing a distraction display and disappeared. Next thing I see is a hawk being chased in the air by the dad killdeer. Killdeer are often hawk victims, but not so much at this lake.

I'm just glad the dad saw him and didn't get hurt, but feel guilty that his display towards me attracted the hawk's attention and it could have ended up badly.

I've also seen ground squirrels get the best of the hawks and night herons. One hawk dropped down to catch a squirrel, but the squirrel just moved a few feet away and continued eating seeds, seemingly unconcerned.
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