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Apr 13, 2007
I came home today to find a hawk in my coop eating one of my first chickens, Bugga. Last year I got her ( a silver-laced wyandotte) and her coop-mate, Deucey ( an australorp) from our local Tractor Supply. They were my first chickens and now I have a 10x40 run and large coop for them and two more. I had netting on top, but the Hawk just put a hole in it. I buried her immediately in the garden that she loved and I am just having a hard time with her loss. My chickens are like family and I am sooo sad. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
OH so sorry for your loss :aww ......it is so hard,especially if it seems you did all you could to make her a safe coop and run....
maybe chicken wire the top? a double layer of the mesh?stronger mesh?
I am so sorry for your loss.

I stopped a hawk attach of one of my Banties in Jan. I used to let them free range. Not any more.
Amazingly Tiny lived, but the hawk still comes around looking for a snack. They will remember where the food is.
I have a 10' by 40' run and I used nylon twine in bright pink to make a grid atop the run squares no bigger than 2' at the widest point. I also added that sparkley bird tape to several (like 6) of the intersections of twine.
They need to see that there is something there. I think the netting is harder to see.
I also got a $5 scare crow at the craft store added some more reflector tape to it and move it around the yard to a different spot every week or so.
Hope this helps.
Thank-you all so much. I locked the others the coop. How long can they stay in there? I put their food and water in, but my hubby is out of town and I don't know when I can fix the netting. From what I hear it is useless and I need wire or the grid tape. I got my four year old and my eight month old down for a nap and I think I need a glass of wine.

The hawk is sitting on my pasture fence just watching. I can't help but notice that he is beautiful, but I really hate him.
Oh my word!!! I did not know that hawks would do that. How aweful...
I am so very sorry for your loss. Pets seem to become our children in some ways. So sorry for your grief.
I know just how you feel. You can not blame them for trying to live, but you want to!
You can use any twine as a temporary grid. I tied it to the tops of the fencing.
The pink twine and bird tape are available at home depot or lowes. Wire would also work, just make sure to put the reflector tape or something on it so they can see it. You do not want the hawk hurt trying to get in when he can not see the wire.

Unless you area is very large, you should be able to let them out for a while as long as you are out with them and the hawk can see you. I would also throw some small rocks at the hawk (not to hit it but just scare it).

Also if you do not have it make a small shelter or a put a bush they can run under. Mine now are much more careful and if they hear a hawk call or a large bird flies over they know to run for cover now.
Take care,
The hawk doesn't even care about my golden retriever barking at him, he just flew to a nearby tree. My dog is such a good watchman, he is now sleeping by the homemade eggloo that we used to use for the two chickens and now are using as a nursery for my six 8 week old chicks. Nothing can get to them and I will try to go out to Lowes and get some tape to make a grid this evening. My problem is that the walls are 10 feet high and I am five feet tall!
I have put the girls up and will keep them in the coop unless I am out there until this all is taken care of. Thanks again for the support!
im so very sorry things like this are tough trust me i know. im only 13, my first chicken got eaten by the dogs. but anyway about this hawk thing, you should put large plastic owls on a post or 2 around your chicken run. and try (if you can) double up your netting on top. thats all i got, take care.

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