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    We are starting with our second flock of chickens, we lost the first to raccoons. We are also adding guinea hens that we hope to train to return to roost in the coop each night.

    Now I am debating how best to set up the poultry yard to allow the guinea hens to fly in and out and keep chickens in unless I let them out and keep raccoons and opossums out! I am now reading about electric fencing and will have two wires running around the bottom area of the fence to discourage the raccoons & opossums. The poultry yard is a triangle shape. My plan is to leave one corner of the yard without the bird netting cover. This will provide an open triangle area, the top of the fence here will have 2x4 boards for the guinea hens to sit on as they fly in and out. I read about this arrangement when researching raising chickens and guinea hens together and think will work nicely. I don't think the types of chickens we have are likely to make that flight.

    But we have lots of hawks in the area. Are hawks likely to sit on the fence and dive in and possibly under the netting to get chickens? If one does will it get more than one? Raccoons seem to kill far more chickens than they actually eat. If a hawk does get in I think it would just go for what it could eat - then I would know to make changes.
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    Get a big rooster. Our roosters keep the hawks away from the coop. We have many hawks on the ranch and will usually just watch the hens from a distance.

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