Hawk vs roosters score is a draw.


9 Years
Jun 21, 2010
Okarche Oklahoma
So yesterday a Very small red tail hawk actually landed into my hen house yard. Mind you I keep a Black austrelorp, Barred rock, and RiR roo in with my hens I have 90 hens. (and 5 guineas that got tired of being slaughtered by wildlife in this hen house. the guinea's jumped the fence to get in and havent left since.) So the rooster gives the warning call and the girls run inside. The BA and PBR both walked to the middle of the yard and flared up at the little hawk. they both looked like dino's the way they flared up. you could just tell that little red tail was thinkin "" Um wth did I get myself into."" he turned and flew out of there about as fast as he flew in that poor little hawk never looked back as it flew far away from my farm.
Just thought I would share this silly story it was so funny to watch. at least the day didnt end with any deaths been pretty peaceful around here lately.
I treated them with a day of free ranging the farm and all the acres here and grapes
Years back i had a gang of five banty roos that formed an attack formation and advanced on a full size coopers hawk that had cornered a hen in a sagebrush. One on one no chance but the brothers never broke rank advanced as a five headed dragon
and the coopers chose to fly rather than fight!
Good job, gentlemen! Nice to see the boys are doing their job.

Hmmm. I think I need to threaten my rooster with the stew pot again. He is next to useless.

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