Hawkeye & Zane, Father & Son Flock Leaders

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    Well, dare I say it? So far, it's working out just the way I hoped it would. My Barred Rock cockerel, Zane, Hawkeye & Lexie's son, is 18 weeks old now. He is a sweetheart, jumps in my lap when I sit on the hammock, comes when his name is called just like a puppy dog. Hawkeye allows Zane's presence everywhere around the girls with no aggression unless Zane has pinned a struggling, screeching hen and Hawkeye runs to the rescue to knock him off. BUT, that's where it ends. Hawkeye then just walks away or stands between them. He never chases or attacks Zane at all. I'm amazed. Last year when we had a cockerel grown out of Kate's flock, Maverick, same age, Hawkeye chased him relentlessly and Maverick avoided Hawkeye at all costs. I ended up selling Maverick to someone so he could have his very own flock of girls.
    Zane and Hawkeye stand together! In the last week, I've seen a group of hens splinter off and be on one side of the property with Zane watching over them while Hawkeye was on another part of the property with the main flock. This is exactly what I envisioned. Naturally, there are plenty of hens for two or even three roosters, especially when I add the six young up-and-coming pullets to the main flock in a couple of weeks time. That will bring the number in the main laying flock of hens up to 25; I'll also be adding maybe 15 more layers out of my current hatch in the bator, if it goes well.
    Its almost like Hawkeye knows that Zane is his son and Maverick was not. I know, I know, no human feelings put onto the chickens, but that's the way he acts around Zane. He treated Maverick like an interloper. So, I'm very pleased right now with the way things are going, except for the expected teenage raging hormones that make Zane chase some of his favorites a little too much. I'm sure he'll mellow a bit as he gets some age on him, if he's anything like his dad. I'll be very fortunate if he turns into a carbon copy of Hawkeye because that is one special rooster. Zane is just a utility-type, average quality boy, but he has a permanent home here based on temperament alone... that and the fact that Hawkeye seems to be okay with him hanging around and helping with guard duty, LOL.
    Here is my Zane, the Lap Rooster:
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    Awww, thats awesome speckled!! Zane is a good looking boy too!! [​IMG]
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    Zane is just gorgeous! Maybe he is a little more receptive to Hawkeye's "teaching" than the other rooster was...[​IMG]
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    Actually, the funny thing is that Zane is much less afraid of Hawkeye than Mav was and flirts with the girls right in front of his dad. At first he was really scared of ol' Hawk, but I started putting them in a separate coop at night together, mostly so the girls wouldn't pick at Hawkeye's scabby wattle and Zane wouldnt hide in the nestboxes from the Evil Big Girls. They eventually were roosting side by side and now, seem to have a decent relationship.
    My DH and I were talking today and I said that I could have kept one of the nicer barred cockerels from Kate's flock rather than Zane, but that I couldn't get rid of Zane and I wasn't sure we needed three BR roosters. My hubby said if we had sold Zane to someone just to eat, he'd have been ready to just get rid of all the chickens. He is very, very attached to that youngster. He leans down, holds out his hands and calls Zane and that boy walks right between his outstretched hands to be picked up. Can't get much tamer than that. I hope he stays that way.
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    That is so good to hear! I bet that moving them together at night played a big part in the bonding process. Zane is very handsome! [​IMG]
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    What a handsome guy! Your description of your BR roosters reminds me of Mike, the rooster I grew up with. He seemed HUGE to me, and would let me walk right up to him and give him a hug. I love BR roosters!

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