Hawking eyeing my pullets - how long before hawk "gives up"

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by lissalischicks, Mar 17, 2016.

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    Jan 31, 2016
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    I let my pullets free range only when there is someone around hoping that the hawks won't get them. But yesterday I noticed a red tailed hawk sitting on a telephone wire (less than 50 to 75 feet away) and were staring right at my pullets. After a few minutes, the hawk flew away. Maybe due to the fact we never faced our back to the hawk and pullets. I didn't put the pullets into the coop because I was afraid while rounding them up the pullets would scatter and that would be it. Today, I kept the pullets in the run/coop but how long do you think would be enough time to not let the pullets free range so the hawk would hopefully "forget"/"gives up" about my pullets.
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    I don't think I'd ever trust them unless I was around. I lost one to a goshawk a few months back and hubby was only metres away in the garage at the time. Yesterday a hawk was sitting on our pool fence checking them out. If it's not that particular bird it will be another.

    I have some wire compost bin panels that I've joined horizontally rather than vertically that gives me a movable penned area I can butt up to their gate to give them grass time. I've got some orchard bird netting that I throw over the top and then peg up and over the gate opening so that they are protected from swooping and if a hawk comes I've got time when I hear them panic like yesterday to get out there before he can work out a way in.
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    My husband has been seeing a small hawk (not sure what kind-Coopers hawk?) flying around our yard. Our girls free range all day and the rooster protects them with warning sounds. The mail lady told us today a bald eagle has been also flying nearby, but we haven't seen it. Crossing my fingers there are enough hiding places for the chickens to scurry into :-(
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    Jut being outside won't necessarily deter the hawk from swooping down for a meal.
    I've read numerous stories about predators attacking within feet of humans.

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