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    May 15, 2013
    my chickens were free ranging, nov.5, at about 6;15PM MY CHICKEN WAS ATTACKED, KNOCKED UNCONCIOUS AS I SCREAMED WHEN I SAW THE FEATHERS,HAWK TOOK OF,WE TOOK HER TO THE VETS AND THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW SHE SURVIVED….she is in our house and on antibiotics and pain meds. the next day, i looked out in the am as i go into coop every morning to feed and greet the hens, and they are usually in their run, its attached t and covered top to bottom….no one was out ..so i go up steps to inside coop and they were all spread out around the inside coop, almost as if they saw a ghost!..to day they seemed to b back to normal in the am in the attached chicken run but i came home at i:30 in afternoon and they are all up inside coop….they never do this? WHAT DO YOU THINK?..WE LIVE IN PENNSYLVANIA…THANKYOU
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    It is natural for chickens to take cover when they see a hawk. They probably saw one flying overhead, and were being super-cautious.
    As fro you girl who got attacked, if you can keep her hydrated, she will most likely pull through. Chickens are very resilient animals!
    Hope she makes it! [​IMG]
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    x2 I had a hen who was attacked by a hawk and she pulled through very well. Your hens maybe skittish for a little while since they were just attacked.

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