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May 20, 2009
Hendersonville, NC
When are my standard cochins big enough where hawks will not be an issue any longer or are hawks an issue regardless of size?
When they are out of a run area I am with them, but I like to give them a little more freedom within my fence backyard with less worry.

Thank you for the help!
Hawks can always be a threat. Try to provide plenty of cover. Chickens get pretty good at spotting hawks. Today I noticed my 8 weekolds suddenly run for cover (even thought they are in a run with fine deer netting over the top). Then I saw the hawk race by with a bunch of barn swallows harassing it.
My neighbor just got full grown EE carried off by hawks around here. Hawks can be pretty impressive hunters. I don't think chickens are ever safe regardless of size.
TipsyDog & Uppity Peon thank you for your advice!
Hawks are always a problem. The hawk that attacked my full-grown hen was literally half the hen's size. It didn't kill her, but only barely. The damage to my hen was devastating.

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