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    Feb 28, 2011
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    We live on 5 acres... the new chicks are in my brooder but everyday I take them out to my homemade playpen...an old dog pen lined and covered with chick netting to keep the chicks in and the hawks out...the chicks love it![​IMG]
    Question...if I buy at Tractor Supply a big plastic Hawk and Owl and post in the coop area...will this keep the hawks and owls away ???? Or will the prey birds come to join their plastic friends???[​IMG][​IMG]
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    Quote:If you have hawk in the area, that plastic Hawk/Owl will deter the real thing for a short while......as we say in my part of the country 'about as long as a New York minute'. [​IMG]
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    If only they worked. My sister had the kind with red flashing eyes. It did keep us away from the area at night...it was creepy looking to humans, lol. My neighbor had the kind that hooted, rotated it's head, and flashed the eyes. Those were even creepier but no luck with those either. [​IMG]

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