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    May 16, 2012
    Just had the fields baled into 51/2' round netted bales. It rained (only time in May!) after it was raked. It was turned again, of course, and I am told it was dry, but it is, supposedly, no longer prime horse hay as rain can decrease the protein value and horse owners are very sensitive to any rain during the whole process from cut to storage. I am wondering if it has some utility in the chicken coop (which I do not have yet). I plan to install a sheet of linoleum on the plywood floor of the new coop, and I was thinking maybe this hay -- at least in the nest boxes?

    Would using it for bedding on the floor, over the linoleum, be a bad thing? Nest boxes ok? Rodents? Clumping?

    The plan, if we cannot sell it for cows, I guess, is to stack it up and make a bigger shooting range....except for what the chickens can use -- IF ANY [​IMG]
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    I'm using similar quality hay and its been fine.

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