Hay or straw on floor?

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  1. Mskayladog

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    I have a dirt floor and wanting to build it up, so far all I have is some pine needles and some pine shavings but not a thick layer as its been hot and I felt the dirt floor was cooling to the birds.
    For the winter I am beginning to add layers I'm going to add some more pine shavings mixed with dry grass and in top of that some dried leaves and some pine shavings and thinking some straw or hay.
    I'm going to add this over a period of time not all at once, I want the build up finished by the end of Oct.
  2. ShelterFarm

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    Sep 4, 2012
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    I use straw and pine shavings in a deep litter system. I've been considering adding DE powder or ashes out of my fire pit for extra absorption. I think the key with straw/hay is ensuring that it does not get wet so it doesn't get moldy. So far it's working great for me.
  3. Mskayladog

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    Thanks. I do add a mix of ash 1/2 a canning jar of de,barn lime and sweet PDZ about twice a month or so.
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    The best thing you could add would be sand to build up the floor, and then use shavings on top as bedding.

    Hay or straw will mat down if it gets wet, it can easily mold, and will be nearly impossible to clean up
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  5. Flora Fauna

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    Something else to consider is if the chickens eat the straw or hay they can get impacted crop. Sand would be my first choice to add to the floor, in addition to your shavings.
  6. Mskayladog

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    Decided not to go with either and I really don't like sand so for me that's not a option. Going to stick with pine needles and pine shavings.

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