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  1. Finnisher

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    Apr 26, 2016
    Just ordered 4 small squares of Alfalfa hay as quail bedding, does anyone have any experiences to share? Will the quail eat the hay? Will they feel comfortable? The sellers of the hay insured it's mold free. How easy is hay to clean and find eggs in vs wood shaving? Thanks
  2. Athaid

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    Well I heard hay isn't the best as it attracts bugs and mould. So I would try to stick to sawdust or hemp, or something similar. I don't know if they'll eat it.. I don't think they will.
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  3. Trapper Luke

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    Jul 26, 2009
    I personally have never used hay for any of my bird bedding so don't have much input there sorry. Just a thought though since your doing a "litter" method have you looked into the "deep litter" method? There's a really good thread on here that explains it very well. Seems like a really nice way to keep your birds happy and healthy. I'll be using it in my quail pens from now on.
  4. lugnut151

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    Feb 2, 2014
    South Georgia
    I use hay in my pens but only as something for them to scratch in and rest their feet off the wire. I just pull a flake apart and divide among about four cages and as they play in it, It slowly falls thru the wire and when all gone, I add more. I know this is different than your plans but figured I'd comment about a different aspect with it. Alfalfa hay does come with leaves and some birds eat them, some don't but the stems won't be eaten

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