HB 1602n vs 1588

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    I have a 1588 and it holds temps rock steady.

    I was considering ordering a second 1588, but i noticed the 1602n was half the price. Other than the initial pain of calibrating and setting temps, etc, does it hold temps as well as the 1588? Any other differences between the models besides auto vs manual thermostat that im not seeing? Other opinions?

    Thank you for your input!
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    I'd save myself the needless grief and go with the second 1588..which is exactly what I did. lol I started with the 1602N to use as a hatcher only and it was such a pain to try to stabilize the temperature that I ended up returning it and buying my first 1588. The wafer thermostat in the 1602N is way too touchy for my taste; on the other hand, if you have nothing better to do than to babysit the 1602N and adjust it frequently, it might be worth the cost savings. Actually, no, I still don't think it would be. [​IMG]

    There are several threads on the 1602N's temperature challenges, including this one (in which I opined): https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/701278/hova-bator-1602n-and-temp-issues.

    I like a bargain, but the adage "you get what you pay for" seems to apply in the 1588 vs. 1602N debate.

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