HDTV...anybody got info?

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    Apr 14, 2007
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    We were talking over Thanksgiving about the change over to HDTV. Some were saying that everyone will have to have it to watch any TV. Honestly, it's ridiculous! I don't have HDTV, TV's, and would have to have a converter. Which is going to be a pain in the behind. But I'm curious as to how they can do this with all the people who won't have the ability to make the switch. I mean that's an unnecessary expense for some folks, like the elderly. What's next in this too tech society we live in? Just wondered if anyone had the facts on this topic?
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    May 24, 2007
    Give my DH a few minutes (he's folding clothes for me) and he will give you more info that you can possibly want to know. He's a specialist in Audio/Video technology.
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    They will be switching over slowly but surely, starting with major metro areas like LA. I think all stations will be swiched over by 2012, but major stations will be switched by 2009.
    Retail stores like Best Buy are only selling hi def TVs now. You will have to either rent or buy a box (like your cable box) in order for your non HDTV to work. Rabbit ears will be totally obsolete.
  4. Chirpy

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    May 24, 2007
    OK, this is Chirpy's DH!

    CarriBrown is just about right. However, as of 2 yrs ago essentially all major markets across the nation were already broadcasting simultaneously in standard and HD broadcasts. Congress weighed in on the issue last year by settling a number of issues in markets that still had problems with the transition.

    Every market in the country has now finally been resolved after many years of effort. The conversion to "HD only" will take place in February 2009. The changeover only significantly effects folks who use "rabbit ear antenna" for reception. If you use DirecTV, Dish Network or any other broadcast transmission service that utilizes a "box" (like cable), the "box" does the conversion for you and you'll never know otherwise.

    If you DO purchase an HD TV, most all models have included an HD tuner for the last several years. The bottom line ... if you DON'T have an HD TV, and you DON'T have a service which provides a conversion box, you MAY have a problem. I haven't seen the stand-alone conversion boxes for awhile though they CAN be obtained with some effort. This is why the FCC has mandated HD tuners for the last several years.

    Does that answer the question?
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    wow thanks, I wasn't the one that asked, but I am now informed........appreciate it Chirpy's DH [​IMG]
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    Our three TVs are all HDTV. My DH insists the picture quality is exceptional, I don't see it. But then again my eyes aren't what they used to be. [​IMG].
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    HD channels come through beautifully, but the channels have to be broadcasting in HD to see it. I've got Comcast and a brandy-new HD TV we bought on Black Friday. Comcast carries the HD channels in the 800 range (channel 5 for me is the local ABC affiliate, the HD broadcast is carried on channel 805). You can see the stuff that isn't formatted in HD, some commercials aren't in HD and the quality definitely suffers.

    Bottom line is if you've got a cable or satellite box you'll be all set, but to see the difference you need an HD TV. I wouldn't run out and buy one just because (we needed a new TV anyways, so we went with HD). But if you're on 'over the airwaves' broadcast, picking up with an antennae, then you're going to need a new TV .
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    Quote:First off, I already like your husband LOL

    Our TV is HD ready, but our cable company only offers a few channels at this time that we don't even watch. Now if A&E, History Channel, Spike, Animal Planet, AMC, etc went to HDTV in our local company, we would switch in a heartbeat.

    My neighbor has it (they watch those few channels) and I must say, the quality is great!

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