He actually drove me to the farm store!


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
Portland, OR
The man who didn't want chickens at all, then had to build me a coop, then had to move it cuz the neighbors complained, and continuously "re-models" my coop and asked this year "why do you need more chickens?"......actually drove me to the store to get yet another chickie.....and then. Chirped along with it all the way home.

What a good man!
I see the chicken-aliens have already abducted him and reprogrammed his brain. Now is the time that you question his sanity so he will rebel from your evil-womanly ways to prove he is right by going and getting more so he can prove his manliness by being able to create his chicken-world and prove to you that he is capable of building a successful chicken army.
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Yeah, they will do that. I like how mine hates them till they feather-out. My fav. thing he says is

"How many is enough?"

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