He Crowed Just for Me

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  1. NewCitySong

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    Jun 28, 2011
    This morning when I went out to check the flock it was such a beautiful morning!

    Finally it was cool (around 75) with the sun shining and a beautiful blue sky!

    This past Saturday I spread play sand around the run to help with the upkeep and "odor"

    Anyway, the flock was all outside around the "duck pool" the sun was filtering through the trees so pretty on the birds - it looked like they were at the beach [​IMG]

    My little roo (surprise!) with the sun shining on his beautiful black and white feathers (he's a BR) and the beautiful red "bow" around his head (ok it's his comb) turned his head and looked at me (with his one eye)

    ... Then he streched out his head as high as it would go and up on his toes - I think it was just for me [​IMG] - gave out his very first crow [​IMG] It was beautiful! (no squeeks - he's a natural [​IMG] )

    I knew only you all would appreciate this - I couldn't wait to post it!

    What a beautiful morning!

  2. erinchelsea

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    May 23, 2010
    Webster City, IA
    I don't think it gets any better than that! I love hearing our rooster crow. congrats!
  3. TwinMama2x

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    Jan 6, 2011
    Glasgow, Montana
    I ordered 75 chicks from McMurray's. All females. This was back in March. Out of the bunch we ended up with two Turkens (Naked Necks)-a brown one and a black one. Since they have red necks, we decided it was only appropriate to give them redneck names...Peggy Sue and Bettie Jean.

    Just last week I went to the hen house and as I walked by, the black turken, Bettie jean, quietly called out "Cock-a-doodle-doo?" I stopped in my tracks and looked at her and said, "That's a pretty funny trick there chicky, you wanna run that by me again?" To which she replied "Coco-a-doodle-doo!" with a bit more gusto this time. [​IMG]

    Needless to say, his name has been changed to Ricky Bobby. [​IMG]

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