he found the ladies...

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    May 2, 2008
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    Ok so on my page I have the story about my "first" chicken..

    Lenard the neighborhood rooster found my ladies yesterday. I left their pen open during the night and they all let themselves out in the morning. I hear him in the mornings but this morning he was crowing kinda loud.. I looked outside and he was talking to one of my cochins through the fence along the back side of our property.. he prob hasnt seen another chicken in over a year. I went outside to feed the girls, they saw me and all came running cochin included. It was funny they were not going to miss breakfast [​IMG] He saw her leaving for someone else and started "barking" at her..

    Then the dog herd me out there and came out to say hi. He saw one look at that dog and took off.. I have a feeling he will be back tho..
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    LOVE that his name is Leonard! What an old-guy name. We should really bring that one back.

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