He or She??


9 Years
Sep 18, 2010
Hi, im new by the way. 3 weeks ago we purchased 3 8 week old pullets (they are around 11 weeks now, but think the 1 in question is maybe a few weeks older) I cant quite make my mind up if its a roo as it looks differnt to my other 2 pullets or maybe this is because she's older. Ive had a few suggestion of breed australorp or sex link? No crowing yet and ive read a few comments about roos being nasty with children and my little boy plays in the garden where the chickens are and when they see him they run a mile, ive never seen her/him giving my little boy the looks (or does that not happen till they get older)

Any help & advice will be greatly appreciated.

He is still way to young to be a danger yet. There are nice roos, but there isn't any way to tell that before they are all grown up and working with their hens. There isn't any way to stop them from crowing either.
His tail is one clue and of course his comb. By 11 weeks it is fairly simple to tell the difference. Also he looks bigger than the hens next to him. He is very hansom.
He looks like a mixed breed or PQ black copper Maran to me.

If a bird grows in pointy feathers on his side near his butt or on his neck you know that it's a boy.
Sorry, it's a boy...

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