He passed away last monday

Lovem all

Jul 29, 2020
It's taken me a while to get back on this sight (idk why) but now i've been sharring a lot of stories that's been happening lately. Anyways my family rescued 8 mallard ducks over the summer. One of them (named Crinkle) developed wet feather. He couldn't fly well and had a hard time keeping up but we'd figure he'd be alright... Well after he crashed into the pound and started drowning because he couldn't float we knew he needed to be put with our forever ducks (3 anconas and a blind mallard). He was such a sweet boy. I loved him.

Last monday it was snowing.... I took him inside, wrapped him a towel. They poor boy was fozen and wet. I held him for over and hour and he was dry but it want enough. He started coughing and sneezing. He wouldn't eat or drink. He started spazzing out. I tried to comfort him. I tried to make him feel better. He passed away in my arms.
Oh I am so sorry for your loss :hugs

I know these words won't even touch the surface of the pain you feel. But I am sorry.
I really do have a lot going on and I keep meaning to come on here but then I get busy and don't have time. I mean with the holidays and everything added. Plus the insane snow we had. Ugh.

Okay but there is a bald eagle ad on my screen right now asking for a donation to save ts life but all I see is the bald eagle I saw kill a chicken lol. Um no. lol

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