HE / SHE Favorite ….. & Why?

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    Aug 6, 2011
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    I started off loving this 1 bird out of the 3 I purchase from day 1. Was my favorite color, strong bird, liked me and let me handle her. Then I found a bird I like after getting into raising chickens for a bit and really wanted a Buff Orpington because a neighbor had one and she said it was her most prized pet, the most docile, the most loving, the one that wants her more than any out of the flock and her best egg producer to date. I had to get 1 for the flock but Chicken Math will not allow just 1 so I was on the lookout for a BO. I went to a farm for a worm seminar and guess what he had, Yep a Buff [​IMG] and I did not have to talk him out of it he wanted a few 6 weekers gone. Well I ended up with 3 new chicks [​IMG] with my wish coming true 2 BO’s [​IMG] and a little Black Star that was cuter than all get out. Well I am so happy like pig in mud happy and now as they are growing my FAVORITE is shifting to the little Black Star / EE (has these cute ear muffs now) and as it turns out I love my little Buffs and I really love my first 3 girls but a lot of my attention has been directed to my little Black Star / EE. I just love her.

    What are your favorites?
    Favorite Breed?
    Freezer Bird?
    Did your favorite change?
    Docile / Aggressiveness’?
    Did your reasons change for favorite?
    Special bird habits?
    Just exactly what was it that made your mind change about each favorite?
  2. gryeyes

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    You know that song, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with" don't you?

    I find that my favorites change THAT frequently, but I CAN be with the one(s) I love, so at different times of the day, I love a different chicken "the best."

    Molly my BA follows me around and mumbles all the time, telling me the flock gossip. I love her. She's a great layer, too,but that is incidental - I didn't get chickens for their eggs. Those are just a bonus.

    I love Buffy the Vampire-Slaying Orpington because she hatched my first GrandChick and she's a great momma, brooding again for the third time.

    I love Hitchcock, a little Salmon Faverolle roo, because he's so silly and intrepid and he's taken to roosting on the front porch rail at night instead of going into the coop. He's affectionate, to me, and gentle with the two adoring Salmon Fav pullets who groom his cheek feathers for him. He chases squirrels up the trees and the neighbor's cats out of the yard.

    I love Carl, the dominant rooster, an EE, because he's gorgeous and a great flock master.

    I love my Toulous geese pair; Kate and Angus have such personality and they are absolutely beautiful. They break up flock squabbles, which is handy because Carl can't be everywhere at once.

    I love Alice, the Silver Sebright hen, because she is a good layer and is so stinkin' cute!

    I love Paprika, an EE cross, because she insists on sneaking into the house whenever she can, so she can lay her pretty green egg on the carpeted base of the cat climbing "tree."

    And so on, and so forth....
  3. Pele

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    Feb 25, 2011
    What a fun thread! I'll jump in too [​IMG]

    My favorite girl is a Red SL named Darla. She actually did not start out as my favorite bird, but rather her brother in the same brood was for a long time my favorite. That was until we found out he was a he (yes I know it's supposed to be almost foolproof with them, but he kind of had a halfway coloring that fooled the hatchery). I couldn't keep roos, so he had to go.

    Almost immediately after her brother left, Darla became much more affectionate. Currently she is the chicken that lays the biggest eggs, and has the biggest fluffy butt.

    She loves nothing more than sitting on my knee and bringing me up to speed on the local gossip, and is even tolerant to being held. She's always the one parading around in the yard after me, and likes to tap on the back glass-door to let me know she's watching me while I'm in the kitchen.

    All the other girls may end up in the stewpot when they fall off production, but not my Darla. After all, if she wasn't around, how would I catch up on the gossip?
  4. TinyChickenLady

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    Well at first, I thought my silkies were going to be my favorites. They are do adorable and becomming friendlier everyday.
    However, it's my black mutt, Dougie, that has my heart [​IMG]
    He follows me around everywhere. He still doesn't like being picked up but he's coming around to it more and more. He's like my little puppy. And he may possibly be trying to make me his girlfriend but for now we're just besties. We dig for bugs together and go check on all the silkie babies together.
    The only problem is that Fluffy is getting kind of jealous of me LoL She's getting used to me though and she is just so gorgeous!
  5. kizanne

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    Mar 28, 2011
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    When I started my favorite chick was runt because she was small and always let me pick her up. She would also jump out of the brooder when I opened the lid to come see me.

    But now..... My favorite is Spot, she is a barnie mutt mix She has the traditional black and white feather barring but they are muddled so I don't know if she has barred rock or dominic in her but she also has a slight collar like a sex link but not as pronounced.

    She is my favorite because she is the smartest chicken. She also causes more trouble than the others due to her being so smart. She is a leader. If food goes in the run that they haven't seen before Spot is the one to try it first. If she tries it then everyone else joins in. If Spot decides during range time to visit the front yard then everyone else goes too. She is the one with the most personality. She also lays me a small one end spotted egg on a regular basis. The others have made it to medium/large but she come in at 43 to 45 grams everyday.

    You'd wonder why a trouble making, small egg laying mutt makes it to favorite but there it is. She also squats for me anytime you get even near her.
  6. littlecreekfarm

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    Jun 1, 2011
    My favorite chicken is my Black Australorp hen named Nugget [​IMG] She was my first baby chick and I've had her since she was a little chick, and she rides the bike with me, goes places with me, rides in the car, goes for walks, she won Reserve Champion LF and Champion English Class at a show, she is beautiful and loving and will come running when she sees you and loves to talk to you [​IMG] all the other hens are jealous of her because she is amazing and my most favorite chicken [​IMG] she has her own post on BYC and her own page she is my life [​IMG]

    -Little Creek Farm
  7. kidcody

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    Every one that comes to my farm fall in love with "Ginger" she is my speckled sussex (only have one). When they drive up she is the first to greet you. Some have been afraid to get out of there car but she wouldn't hurt anyone. If you leave your car door open she is the first to jump in and look for any treats left behind. She is very special. A close second is Lucy she is a dark brahma (only have one) she is also super friendly loves to be held and loves to have her armpits scratched and tickled. Both are only 5 months old and they are best friends always together! I couldn't be more in love with my girls!!
  8. drumstick diva

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    kidcody, I never realized chickens have arm pits - ya learn something new on BYC everyday
  9. kidcody

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    OK wing pits!
  10. Justhatched

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    May 24, 2011
    We started off with 4 black stars and 4 red stars 1 week old. I never bonded with the red ones but I had a favorite black star. I named her Maggie. I thought she would have been the head hen. She had a much stronger personality than all the others. A week later we got 2 Buff Orpingtons and 2 Buff Brahma's and 4 Silkies. Immediately when we got the Brahma's I was in love. They would sit in your hand and relax. The others would try to jump out. I still love our Brahma's but our Orpingtons are so sweet. Very docile and loving. Our red stars are high strung compared to the rest of the girls. As far as our Silkies are concerned I have two I like. My husband got them and I was like O-o but it didn't take long for them to grow on me. White, splash, grey and black. Our black on is my favorite. He is so sweet. I love all the Silkie though. They all are docile and will allow you to hold them without fighting. Oh, and one of our black stars (Oreo) will let me pet her when the others will scoot away. I like that she will let me pet her. I even tested it. I stopped and she stayed and then I went to petting her again. I hope she like it as much I liked doing it.

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