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    Mar 23, 2011
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    but I think my husband gets a kick out of the chicks. He gave in so easily when I wanted them and I have caught him checking them out from time to time and today I had to run to the store to get something and he said he was going to take them in the back yard for a little bit, they are 2 weeks old now. But what really made my day is when I got home I went out there and squated down and was calling them.. here girls, come here... and they all came running to me!! whoo hoo.. I love it!!

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    Mar 29, 2011
    LOL!! My husband has been trying to act 'cool' about the whole chicken thing. But I knew he was 'into it' when he was willing to help me move all the lumber for the coop into the workshop from our driveway in the pouring rain. The things we drag the guys into. [​IMG]:
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    I wish mine was less into chickens. He didn't like the idea at all and didn't help with building the first coop for my 3 layers I wanted, then he sat down one night and picked up my McMurray catalog. Long story short he is a member of the ABA for 3 yrs now and has 5 coops of bantams, 2 incubators and 2 big brooders. There is a pile of construction material beside our driveway that he wants to become mobile breeding pens. Our last 2 vacations have been to out of state poultry shows. [​IMG]
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    My husband knows that I had chickens when I was younger. As soon as we bought our small farm he mentioned getting chicks. We began to build the coop over the winter. Just this past weekend he went out and bought a 8x10 shed to use as our coop. The one we started just wasn't big enough. Today the chicks arrived. I drove to pick them up from the postman and when I got home I started to get them settled in. It wasn't long before I heard the tractor shut off and my husband was the basement checking them out. He is trying to play it "cool" as well but I saw his face light up when he took a peek at them. I might add that I did notice how the brooder was set up in the laundry room...hint hint.

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    Yup, mine said NO CHICKENS. Then I brought some home and he had no choice but to build the coop. Then move it when the neighbors complained, then remodelled it to fit more chickens. Now he is helping me build a "tunnel" to the new edition. He knows their names and even loves on them. Still tries to play it off like he doesn't like them, and then brags to everyone about how much better our eggs are! Haha, he's so funny. He loves that everyone calls me The Chicken Lady now.
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    My DH, gave me a 60 chicken limit, when we started raising chickens. LOL
    Anyone who knows chicken math...knows how long that lasted.

    We now, have over 200 chickens (counting biddies).
    He started out, by calling our LF GL Cochins, and Speckled Sussex, "His"...just last weekend, he added 10 BLRW to "His" chicken count...and, still wants to add more breeds.

    We started with 2 bators, and what does he do...he went on eBay, and bought 2 more...and now has his eye, on buying a cabinet bator. heheheh

    He is great, and does help me with feeding/and coop upkeep, everyday. [​IMG]

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