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    We just brought our favorite rooster in to check his feet again. (This was the rooster who had "one of the worse cases of" bumblefoot and we had done surgery on about 2 months ago. His feet have been slowly but surely healing.) We had not checked him "all over" for about a week.

    We got a real shock this time when we saw a large (large marble size) knot on the side of his face so close to ear not sure if it is ear or not. A tiny bit of scratching at its top opened the entire thing and the whole ball (fairly hard, white & fibrous) came out, leaving a large whole. (We found a much, much smaller one on other side in same place with same fairly hard, white, fibre that came out easily leaving a small hole.)

    We cleaned the holes well with a diluted solution of betadine and filled them both with neosporin; however, we could not find a way to wrap the areas.

    We have no idea what this is or what caused it. I will be googling in attempts to find out; however, I would appreciate any ideas/information anyone might have.
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    May 11, 2010
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    This is debris from an ear infection. Sometimes this is caused by mites in and around the ears so make sure he is free of parasites and keep the area clean. I was told that you can use an athlete's foot medication for this, but I found that this tends to harden in the ears as well. Be very careful working around the ear area as medications can easily get into the eyes. I have used plain saline on a q-tip to clean out and neosporin around the outside of the ear canal. Put the boy on a course of antibiotics to clear up any infection that might be present and keep a close eye on it.
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    Can you get pictures? What exactly do you mean about" fiberous"?
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    Also keep him away from the rest of the flock till he's healed, they would probably love to peck in those holes. hope he feels better.

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